Saudi Students of Computers and Information Technology College: Evaluating perceptions towards the four English language skills


  • Sultan Ayed Alanazi


This study examined the perceptions of 120 Saudi Computer and Information Technology (CIT) students at Tabuk University towards the four language skills in terms of (i) their importance to them, (ii) their needs for these skills, and (iii) the activities related to each of these language skills. The study administered a 28-item questionnaire with the five-point Likert Scale responses. Findings showed that participants had poor perceptions towards the importance of the four language skills. They also reported their low level of needs for the English skills. However, the study showed that all the activities related to the four skills were perceived highly with lecture being rated the highest in boosting listening skills, and project work being rated the highest in developing writing skills. This study recommends the exploration of reasons behind the poor perceptions for the importance and needs of English language skills of Saudi CIT students.