Linguistic Approach in Studying Periphrases of The Craft Field


  • Ahmadova Umidakhan Shavkat qizi


The article points out that periphrases play an important role in the effective and purposeful direction of speech, that the speech is clear and understandable for the addressee, as well as has attractive and emotional-expressive power. It is known that in communication, communicators strive to create a visual representation of the subject of thought or an object of information. It is not for nothing that anthropolinguistic directions are leading in world and Uzbek linguistics of the 21st century. After all, the study of language phenomena in the anthropolinguistic paradigm has not lost its relevance until now. In speech, it reflects the communicative purpose and intention, way of thinking, mentality, social, national-cultural and gender affiliation, personal attitude and assessment of the language owners, its effectiveness, expressiveness, attractiveness is manifested in the linguistic attitude and scientific approach to the linguistic means and the priority given to the human factor will be; in particular, by paraphrasing the field of handicrafts and related units, the linguistic features of the Uzbek language, the signs of nationality and culture characteristic of the Uzbek people have been revealed and analyzed.