Climatic Monitoring To Assess the Crop Status by Modeling Method in the Watershed of Bouregreg in Morocco


  • E. Houssaine OUHARBA
  • Z. El Abidine TRIQUI


The Bouregreg watershed is a space for rain-fed agriculture. This study our permit to interpret relation between cereal comportment and meteorological conditions, using agro-climatic contribution and cereal development to increasing model. The objective of this work to describe meteorological conditions of the areas to cereal development, for answer the effect treating problematic of climatic fluctuations on increasing, development and cereal production in Bouregreg watershed. The work done is likely to further contribute to research on cereal crop forecasting, in order to enrich and exploit water information systems and climate projection and assist decision-makers in the development of the master plan for integrated water resources management of the basin - (IWRM), and also in the direct contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals ("2.Food Security", "6.Water Resources" and "13. Fighting Climate Change"). The adoption of modeling could help alert and agricultural drought and quantify agricultural forecasts in advance by water and agriculture management. the assessment of the potential impacts of climate change on water and the assessment of the vulnerability of this sector is essential, the aim of this work  is to assess  vulnerability in order to identify the current impacts and threats and identify strategies, policies and actions to address climate variability and change and reduce the impacts and future vulnerability of these changes and their assessment on food security in Morocco.