Taif community's perception of biological health hazards of laser radiation, KSA


  • Suheir.A.M.Sayed



It's risky to use used laser equipment. Consequences might range from minor skin burns to permanent eye and skin damage. Lasers can harm biological systems by thermal, acoustic, and photochemical processes.


To assess the Taif Community perception about Biological Health hazards of laser Radiation.


Design of a community-based study using descriptive screening. performed between April and June 2022. The Al-Taif University ethical committee had approved the study prior to data collection. (43-596 ), The survey was prepared and then sent to the participants via mobile phones. 3079 participants (male and female) The participants of the study were between the ages of 20 and 51.


Most of the ages that use laser are young people between the ages of 18 to 28 years(54.2%), There is no statistically association between age and awareness of laser hazarded (P.783) .most of them are university educated (764%). the results showed that female use lasers male than men (89.2%). Cosmetic lasers were used more than other types of lasers 24%, and most of them were for hair removal from the body 82%. And there is association between level of education and t laser used (P.047), educational level and using cosmetic laser (P.053) and using laser and the knowing of its health hazard (P.000) Conclution : Most participants knew the health hazards of laser uses, and despite that, more than half of the sample recommended using lasers. I recommend doing analytical research to find out why they recommend using lasers despite their knowledge of the health risks.