Child Marriage: A curse for Women in India and Indonesia


  • Ritika Dhingra
  • Dr. Jyotika Teckchandani
  • Prof. (Dr) Nisar-Ul-Haq


Child Marriage is inhuman and barbaric practice wherein either of the spouse or both the spouses fall under the legally prescribed age for forming the Union of marriage. The article addresses the evils of child marriage that are prevalent and practised in India and Indonesia.  

The article shed light on the causes and outcome of Child Marriage on young girls and boys like education dropout, domestic violence, complications due to early pregnancy and like factors.  The paper discusses in detail the practice, impact and laws related to Child Marriage in India and Indonesia respectively. The paper also pointedly looks at the surge in number of underage marriages during corona virus pandemic. Child Marriage is violative of human rights and not only compromises the dignity and integrity of young boys and girls but also compromises their physical, psychological, educational, social and sexual growth.  Although the government and international community has set several goals and policies to end early-marriages among underage children and acknowledge and ensure their human rights, but still this practise of child marriage exists in corners of every country.