Caste, Gender and Sexuality in Matampu Kunhukuttan’s Brushte


  • Sree Harsha Sree Hari
  • Surbhi Saraswat
  • Prem Kumari Srivastatva


Antherjanam, a Sanskrit word for "people who live indoors," is/was the surname of the women of the Namboodiri community residing in Kerala. This community was one of the most brahmanical and patriarchal to reside in Kerala, and they exercised strong control over knowledge, land, and women. This paper aims to analyze the experiences of Antherjanams and the ways in which they were subjected to mental and emotional alienation by the men of their community in the name of traditional practices and beliefs. The study used Chakravarti's concept of Brahmanical Patriarchy as a lens through which to examine the lives of Antherjanam women, with a focus on the story of Kuriyedathu Thatri, a woman who sought revenge against the men of her community for their treatment of Antherjanam women. The study highlighted the need to challenge and dismantle the dual standards and normalization of subjugation and oppression within the Namboodiri community.