Investment in Sustainable Development Through the Transition to the Use of Electric Vehicles in Accordance with the Kingdom's Vision 2030


  • Abeer Bakri Siralkhatim Alhaj
  • Engy ahmed abdelghany Mostfa
  • Reda Abdelfattah Ibrahim Mohmed


There is growing interest around the world in investing in the transition to electric vehicles, supporting their deployment and infrastructure in attempts to reduce the use of environmentally damaging fossil fuel derivatives, and keeping pace with growing global public awareness of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and counter global warming.Economic and technological growth has become one of the most important developmental aspects ever, as it represents a way to reach environmental protection and reduce the enormous depletion of its benefits.One of its most important findings is the statistically significant positive relationship between investment in the sustainable environment and the use of electric vehicles. The study also revealed that the tendency to use electric vehicles leads to development, and that many companies strive to be leaders in the application of the concept of sustainable development, by encouraging innovations that reduce emissions and assume social and environmental responsibility that will preserve the environment.The most important recommendations were financial support for innovations in sustainable development, especially in automakers. The need for car companies to be interested in developing intellectual and technical skills according to the needs of sustainable development ", through courses and workshops that build the intellectual capital skills of their human resources.