Consumer Preference and Satisfaction towards Organic Personal Care Brands in Chennai


  • Mrs.Rabiya khatun.N
  • Dr.S.Vennila Fathima Rani


These days, people are much more concerned about their health, and they have started adopting natural and eco-friendly items in their daily lives. A large market is occupied by organic personal care products, which are quickly gaining popularity. This study aims to determine the preferences and satisfaction levels of customers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, for organic personal care brands. Analytical methods were used in the investigation. People who purchase organic personal care products in Chennai city make up the study's target audience. In this study, 100 customers made up the sample size. To get information from the consumers, judgement sampling was used. Both primary and secondary sources of data were used to gather the data. The questionnaire had three components: the consumers' socioeconomic characteristics; their choice for organic personal care brands; and their satisfaction with those brands. A Likert scale with five options was used to create the questionnaire. The secondary data were gathered from relevant books, journals, theses, books, newspapers, and other sources, including the internet. Reliability, descriptive statistics, chi-square, correlation, and the Friedman test were among the statistical techniques utilised to assess the data. A substantial and favourable association between consumer preference and satisfaction for organic personal care products in Chennai city was discovered by the study.