A Study On Impact Of Service Quality In Customer Satisfaction In E-Commerce


  • Dr. Yogesh Wasudeo Bhowte
  • Dr. Suja Sundram
  • Dr. K. Parthiban
  • Dr. S. Ramachandran
  • Nidhi Sharma
  • Dr. Zeenath Sumaira


The level of service that an e-commerce platform provides has a big impact on the level of satisfaction that a customer has, which in turn has an effect on the level of success that an online business . Website design, speed, dependability, security, and support are only few of the aspects of service quality. When consumers have a positive impression of the service they get, they are more likely to enjoy their time spent buying online and ultimately become devoted patrons. Despite the convenience of doing business online, studies demonstrate that buyers still demand a high level of service from e-commerce platforms. Because of this, it is crucial for internet firms to place a premium on providing excellent service if they want to attract and keep loyal customers. The purpose of this research is to investigate how online shoppers evaluate the quality of services. A total of 300 customers were surveyed for this research. The survey technique is used to choose the sample population. SPSS was used to examine the main data that was obtained. The data analysis was conducted using a sampling method that was both quick and easy to implement.