Attachment And Its Link to Intimate Partner Violence: A Systematic Review


  • Lidia Céspedes Vásquez


Due to the frequency and severity of domestic violence against women, there has been growing concern about it. Numerous women's lives have been lost due to this type of violence, which is a serious problem that is expected to continue in the future. A limited amount of research only takes into account variables that are connected to attachment. Most focus on the deaths of both men and women who were in relationships and do not provide accurate information about the phenomenon under study. To fully understand this case, a real analysis of the elements only related to attachment and its link to intimate partner violence is essential. The objective of the study is to systematically review the elements associated with attachment and its link with intimate partner violence. We systematically searched databases of peer-reviewed research, published between 2018 and 2022, which provided data on attachment using a measure of association (quantitative) or pathway (qualitative), between attachment and its linkage in intimate partner violence. Twenty studies found inclusion criteria extracted from databases (Scopus). The review was conducted under the standards of the PRISMA guidelines. The findings revealed that there are specific elements where the behavior of individuals who act with violence against women in the couple, intervenes elements such as hostility attitudes, anger, personality disorders, the perception of fragility of the victim and the reinforcement of previous violent behaviors. The results have implications for predicting and preventing women's deaths, providing applied scientific knowledge to develop public action programs, guidelines and reforms.