Trust in the Police, Compliance with the Law, and Cooperation with Police among Undergraduate Students


  • Waiphot Kulachai
  • Patipol Homyamyen
  • Khwanta Benchakhan
  • Kantima Pongnairat


Law enforcement of the Thai police has attracted a lot of attention from the public and tourists because some Thai police officers extort foreign tourists. The problem raises doubts about whether Thais, especially undergraduates, have trust in the police and whether trust in the police will result in compliance with the law and cooperation with the police. The 164 samples in the study consisted of undergraduate students in an educational institution in Suphanburi Province, Thailand. The researchers used questionnaires to collect data and analyzed the data using the structural equation modeling technique to find relationships between the variables in the study. The study found that police trust has a direct influence on law compliance, and cooperation with the police. In addition, it was found that cooperation with the police directly affects compliance with the law. Implications for the Royal Thai Police and future research were discussed in this paper.