Role of Media in Promoting Communal Harmony


  • Dr. Kaushal Kumari
  • Dr. Ajit Kumar Tomar


Because media is so intertwined with people’s and society’s lives, understanding its impact is crucial. Modern mass media affects commerce, entertainment, politics, and aesthetics. “Mass media impact” in media psychology refers to the effects of various forms of mass media on individuals and audiences’ behaviours, attitudes, and thoughts. It may help or hurt. Mass media can cause crime, poverty, violence, nudity, poor physical and mental health, and other serious issues. The study’s primary goals are to examine how movies represent faiths and religious terrorists in communal harmony. This descriptive study uses primary and secondary data. Primarily Uttar Pradesh data. The study used convenience sampling to pick 500 registered registrants. A standardised questionnaire and observational methods collected replies. To assess how movies reflect communities. Mass media (movies) is one of the best ways to maintain community cohesion due to its broad reach and significant influence. The media should use its freedom to promote community cohesion. Scientific rather than dramatic reporting on communal riots and confrontations will eliminate errors in media coverage. The media must discuss intolerance issues lawfully and appropriately and promote social peace. Since social media is the most powerful tool for swaying public opinion, it should help make society healthier.