IOT based plant monitoring system and smart irrigation using new features


  • Dr. Mangala Gowri S G
  • Dr. Girish H
  • Ramesh N
  • Dr. Nataraj Vijapur


Agriculture is important for the survival of humans and also helps in balancing the ecological cycle. Most of the farmers still use the traditional technique for agricultural purposes as they are quite unaware of the development in the modern technology that can benefit them. In this paper we have come up with an IOT based approach for smart agricultural device using Arduino microcontroller. With the help of this system, farmers can treat their crop fields in a cost-effective way, they can monitor the growth of the plant and automatically irrigate it by sensing various parameters such as, soil nutrient sensor, PH sensor, Smoke sensor, Moisture sensor, Temperature and humidity sensor. And another important feature of this project is that, in sloppy areas, the agricultural lands will be inclined and when the crops are irrigated the water will go stand in the bottom of the land and there will be unequal proportion of water supply to the crops in the entire field. Due to this crops might be affected