A Study on the Global Scenario of Pre-owned Apparel Market


  • Vanshika Bansal
  • Pradeep Joshi


Consumption of pre-owned garments is an inexorable worldwide phenomenon that is considerably rising. Almost everywhere in the globe, the garment business has been greatly impacted by this tendency. Enhancing garment lifespans is essential for minimizing the overall environmental effects. As a result, it's crucial to focus on the elements that make buying used apparel better. Repurposing any clothing that has previously been used by someone else is denoted as wearing pre-owned clothing. Most of the garments will be donated rather than toss it in the trash. The research examines the balancing of pre-owned garments imports and exports among under developing and developed nations and presents it as the import-export trade in used apparel for the years 2010 through 2020. The largest market for pre-owned garment import and export volume is Africa and China respectively. Additionally, this study sought to explore the influence of customer perspectives, market circumstances, the developing trend of utilizing the circular economy while making purchases, and environmental issues. The prior scholarly publications from different fields were gathered, and their ideas were evaluated. Given the rising interest in the pre-owned garment, this study improves the understanding of the phenomena. Knowing more about the typical use of pre-owned garments will be fascinating for marketers, customers, and social activists advocating sustainability in the fashion industry.