The effect of Corona (Covid-19) pandemic on the productivity of small workshops in craft districts.


  • Elsayed Hassan Albessaty Elsayed Gadallah


The purpose of this study is to determine the influence of Corona (Covid-19) on the productivity of small workshops in artisanal regions of urban communities, as well as how the virus affects the workshops' productivity and income, as well as the income of their employees. The qualitative technique was used with 15 craft project owners in a semi-structured interview, and the quantitative approach was used with a questionnaire to a sample of (100) craft workshop owners and workers, culminating in a conclusion and recommendations. All participants appear to concur that the spread of the Corona virus has impacted small artisan enterprises in their three sectors, resulting in reduced working hours and output, as well as low income for the enterprise and its personnel. The data analysis revealed that the field study results may have been more accurate if they had not been constrained by geographical constraints (Cairo governorate).