Relationship among Multiple Intelligence, Self-Esteem and Teacher Competency among Secondary School Teachers in Pakistan


  • Fakhira Jabeen
  • Khurram Elahi
  • Muhammad Azhar Khan
  • Afshan Shahzadi
  • Sharmin Tariq


The research examined the relationship between multiple-intelligence, self-esteem and teacher competency among secondary school teachers in Pakistan. The research question of this study was; what is the relationship between multiple-intelligence, self-esteem, and teacher’s competency among secondary school teachers in district Haripur, Pakistan. The non-experimental correlational survey research design was used. The study was delimited to girls secondary school teachers. The population included 1768 secondary school teachers. 315 female teachers were chosen by using simple random sampling technique. Three distinctive questionnaires were used. Self-esteem and multiple intelligence scale were adopted and teaching competency questionnaire was self-made by using four point Likert-scale SDA to SA. Each tool was validated from the experts and pilot tested on non-sample for reliability. The study variables also have strong positive significant relationship (p = 0.000 < 0.05). It can be concluded that the teachers reported high SE because of having loving nature and always listen to others. It may be recommended that teachers plan instructions in a way that increase students’ self-esteem and multiple-intelligence.