A Contemporary Design Vision for Saudi Folk Art Motifs and Their Applications in Ceramic Products


  • Dalia. Ali Abdel Moneim Abdel Aziz
  • Imene. Mohammed Challouf


The plastic folk arts come on top of the folk traditions, in practice and originality, and have a special artistic character that reflects people's lives in all its details. It is a repetition of inherited customs and traditions that clearly and honestly express a specific culture that defines the features of the civilized personality of each society. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a rich folk heritage of a special nature that is characterized by simplicity, ease, and non-compliance with lineage and perspective, which ensured its survival and continuity. The decorations of Saudi folk art bear various artistic values of civilized origin, replete with multiple intellectual and social connotations. It was considered one of the sources of artistic inspiration, which the current research aims to highlight through the study and analysis of the decorative units of Saudi folk art and its reformulation in the creation and development of artistic ceramic products bearing aesthetic and utilitarian values in a contemporary form to emphasize the distinction and richness of Saudi heritage.