The Relationship Between Employee Engagement, Employee Retention and Employee Performance in Higher Education Institutions


  • Saumya Shirina
  • Richa Sharma
  • Richa N Agarwal
  • Ameet Sao


Purpose-The present study aims to test the relationship between employee engagement, employee work performance, and employee retention in Higher Education Institutions. Design/methodology/approach-This study was done to analyse the relationship between employee engagement and employee performance, employee engagement and employee retention, employee performance, and employee retention. For this, a survey structured questionnaire was developed, and a pilot study was done to ascertain the validity. Questionnaires were being distributed to employees of different universities and colleges in NCR. A total of 343 valid data was collected. SEM was used to establish and estimate the relationship between these study variables. Findings- Structural equation modelling was developed to test the relationship between the latent constructs (employee engagement, employee retention & employee work performance). This study found that employee engagement had shown positive effect on employee retention at (β = 0.78, CR= 2.579, p=0.000), and employee engagement effected employee retention at (β = 0.71, CR= 2.109, p<0.05), accepting the hypothesis. Also, employee retention affected employee work performance at β = 0.63, CR= 1.972, p = 0.000, accepting the hypothesis. Practical implications of the study Organizations need to have special focus and efforts that lead to employee engagement and retention in the workplace thereby enhancing employee performance. Organizations must focus on creating a congenial environment for employees to work in and promote practices that would further enhance good peer interpersonal relationships. Social implications of the study. The determinants of employee engagement connote a healthy working atmosphere that reflects on the social impact created by the organization. Employees would enjoy considerable attentionin terms of the determinants being addressed as mentioned. Originality/value. The research undertaken emphasizes the growing importance and need for the crystallizationof the concept of employee engagement. The research is unique in respect to the comprehensivemodel that is developed and validated through this study.