Health and Fitness Affiliate Marketing in the Age of social media


  • Dr. Sajjan Choudhuri
  • Dr. Dilip Kumar
  • Prof. Rashmi Gujrati
  • Dr.Hayri Uygun


Many individuals, particularly on Instagram, are trying to cash in on the recent explosion of interest in health and fitness by covering the issue in their feeds. As a result, it is crucial to understand how to acquire the follower’s trust by being aware of the most influential component of faith. Overall, this circumstance might benefit all involved parties, including influencers, the firms, and the end customers. In contrast, despite several studies on online shoppers' faith in businesses, not a solitary one has examined the state of influencer marketing, much less Instagram fitness influencers. Three trust factors, including altruism, honesty, and competence, were looped in to help with this issue. Multiple regression analysis was performed by assigning three interrelated Likert-scale questions to each item in an online survey. It is clear that Instagram users value honesty and openness highly; thus, to gain the confidence of their followers, influencers and the brands that partner with them must be authentic, transparent, and unselfish in everything they do.