China's International Relation Strategies to Strengthen National Image


  • Chen Jie
  • Abdul Muati Ahmad
  • Sharifah Sofiah Syed Zainudin
  • Diyana Kasimon


International relations fosters powerful trading policies among countries, encourages commercial activities, tourism, immigration travel, and provides people with chances to better their lives through education and cultural exchange. China being one of the countries that have established great development in the 21st century has put more efforts in strengthening her image through international relations. This study explored various publications by peer-refereed journals, books and Ministry of foreign affairs in China’s publications. The results indicated that China has greatly strengthened her image internationally by economic, political, economic, climatic, culturally and healthy approaches. China has created great connect with ASEAN countries and United Nations members. In addition, China has cemented the diplomatic relations by supporting many developing countries around the world.