Retaliating Socio-Cultural Injustice Through a Clandestine Confrontation in Taslima Nasrin’s Revenge


  • Dr. S. Thamil Selvi
  • Dr. D. Devi


Exiled Bangladeshi English women novelist Taslima Nasrin’s Revenge is a transgressive novel narrating the antagonist’s avenge against patriarchy and patriarchal ideologies of an Islamic society. Exhibiting ‘Negative Female Archetypes’ of Carl Jung, the anti-heroine is an animus dominated transgressive heroine possessing an insatiable quest for security who achieves it by repressing her ‘feminineness’ and becomes ‘tricky’ in handling her life’s circumstances. Portrayed as a scheming woman, the antagonist exhibits her vindictive knowledge which is considered to be ethically immoral in the society in which she lives. Persecuting the patriarchal and religious ideologies though being victimized, the antagonist recreates her self-image instead of being adhered to as an innocent victim of circumstances. She accepts the reality that women have no power to react, intervene and protest. She withdraws from societal norms because of insecurity both at home and in society. The inherent competence of her reflects as a self-defending mechanism in waging a silent protest against the religious and patriarchal ideologies.