Evaluation Of High-Performance Human Resource Practices In The Indian Telecom Sector Through Affective Commitment


  • Prof. K.R. Jain
  • Nimisha Verma
  • Dr. Sonam Jain


For service sector organizations, especially in the telecom sector, it is imperative to implement practices and standards that can lead to high performance. Nowadays, Human Resource (HR) practices can motivate employees to stay committed. The purpose of this paper is to provide insights into utilizing the capabilities of the workforce in the telecommunication sector to ensure an effective and committed workforce in the future. For the purpose of collecting the data, a survey was conducted among employees in one of the telecom companies. The study was conducted in the Delhi NCR region of India. There were 125 valid responses to the questionnaire from the sample size of 220 employees at Bharti Airtel. In order to analyze the data, a multiple regression technique was used. Affective Commitment was significantly impacted by extensive training (ET), performance management (PM), and empowerment. An important dimension of Organizational Commitment (OC) in this study was Affective Commitment (AC), which was found to be positively influenced by High-Performance Human Resource Practices (HPHRP).