A Creative Representation of Cosmologically inspired Visual Arts


  • Rabia Shereen
  • Rohail Rahat
  • Tehmina Afzal
  • Muhammad Bilal Abid


The theme of my work is based on the cosmological color’s perspective. In which I have connected my art work with the astronomical images, combined with the lights of urban life. This article delineates my work on ‘Cosmic art’ that is a new genre of art which is very much supported by the modern science, and I have incorporated this art in my work. As all the artists get their inspiration from the images that are generated by the high-powered telescopes I also got inspired from these imageries and presented it in my own way through my works of art which include photography and painting. NASA also plays a vital role in this cosmic art. This cosmic art is rooted in the mythologies of old times and stemmed in the latest scientific discoveries. I got inspirations from different old artists for my work, and I infused these inspirations with my other inspiration of the lightening and speedy urban life, that resulted into something that was way different from the works of other artists. This art has lessened the distances between the human and the planets and solar system. In ancient times it had a deep sacred significance. Old civilizations did a lot of work on cosmic art, as man has interest in the happenings of the universe from the very old times; even it dates back to the pre-historic time period. An artist’s intention to depict the building blocks of our universe, and to also give every person the experience of viewing the beauty and mysteries of space, that is why cosmic art is also known as the space art. There is a harmony and balance in the system of this universe which also serves as an inspiration. This inspiration is also directly related to the theories of physics, cosmology and biology. Cosmic art is directly related to science, for this reason, I can also call it as scientific art.