Enriching Professional Career with Reading Habits: Opportunities & Challenges


  • Dr. Shalaka Ayarekar
  • Dr. Rashmi Sreejit Nair
  • Dr. Sapna Suri


There are multiple skills required as a professional or non-professional, some of the skills fostered in an individual is reading habit, which happens at the primary class level, this further becomes the building block for almost all type of career. Reading habit is one of the skills required by almost all professions in order to take decisions based on the published facts and foresee what could be the future but still this skill does not reflect in the list of high profiled skills such as creative problem solving, quantitative ability, critical thinking, soft skills etc... Reading and comprehension if one thinks deeply can become pillars on which one’s career may rest. We spend considerable time in reading emails, reports, financial reports, presentations etc. Reading is more than just reading the words on the page; it is more of connecting the dots and giving a creative thought to what is being read. The process of reading also develops other high profiled and spoken about skills in the individual such as being empathetic, creative, solution maker and an extremely good communicator. There are few professions such as academics, media, public relations, marketing which requires superior reading ability. The researchers have tried to map the reading habit in students from colleges of Navi-Mumbai to evaluate if reading habits have a positive influence on one’s career learning process and the study emphasises on what could be the reasons for students not liking to read. The study had around 200 plus students between the age group of 17-30 especially those who were undertaking business management courses to shape their career.Intrestingly the research brings evidence that reading as a habit does increase the professional career proficiency and one of the biggest challenges to get into reading as a habit was boredom or laziness felt during this activity.