Covid-19 And Health Infrastructure In India: A Critical Study


  • Mr. Suresh Kashinath Ghatge
  • Prof. (Dr.) Anuradha Parasar


This Research Has Aim To Provide A Brief Discussion On Covid-19 & Its Impact On The Health Infrastructure And Steps Taken By India To Develop Its Health Infrastructure. This Has Been Described In Five Section And Those Are Introduction, Methodology, Results, Discussion And The Conclusion. The Introduction Had Provided The Importance Of Health Infrastructure For A Country Especially Country Like India Which Spends Little As Compared To Other Nations Globally. The Data Has Been Gathered Using The Secondary Data Collection Method Which Is Supported By Both Qualitative And Quantitative Method. The Result Section Had Discussed About The Findings That Has Been Got Through This Research. The Results Has Part Has Discussed About The Relief Package Announced By The Government, Budget Plan Of The Government, Parliamentary Committee Recommendation On A Particular Project And Many More. Discussion Part Has Reviewed About All The Useful Findings Of This Research Which Had Been Concluded With Conclusion Part. At The End, The Conclusion Includes The Future Recommendation By Which The Health Infrastructure Can Be Improved.