The New Perspective of Adjustable Jeweller’s Saw Frame


  • Nicholas A. Tetteh


Jeweller’s saw frame has been in existence in the jewellery industry for decades. Although initially it was unadjustable, the current form of jeweller’s saw frame lacks the adjustment that can take care of large material surfaces being cut or pierced. In its current form, the adjustment is focused only on the blade. The study seeks to analyse, design and produce a different jeweller’s saw frame that can to a large extent take into consideration adjustment of the frame with the length and width of the material in mind. Studio-based and descriptive research methods were applied in the study to design and sequentially explore the production of a new jeweller’s saw frame as well as evaluation of its use. Purposive sampling technique was used for the study. Participant observation and interview were used in collecting first-hand information from 60 respondents. Books, journals and periodicals were used as a secondary data. The study found out that the use of the existing jeweller’s saw frame is time consuming particularly when piercing or cutting a large surface substrate. Piercing becomes expensive due to the breaking of blades when working on substrates with large surfaces. The study recommended that jewellery tools and equipment production industry should study this production and advance their trend of jeweller’s saw frame production. Institutions, jewellers, teachers and students of jewellery programmes and subjects should direct attention to using this type of saw frame which can save cost and reduce waste.