Intelligent Transportation Strategy and its Role in Improving Services and Reducing Pollution in Baghdad


  • Salman Abood Zbar


The intelligent transport system represents one of the modern tools in organizing and improving traffic by relying on communication techniques and modern technology, has been applied to a specific area of the city of Baghdad characterized by a lot of congestion, to know the level of service before and after the application of the intelligent transport system. The research reach that 79% need to implement the intelligent transportation system , that 21% is not needed, and that 10% of the movement is unstable to improve the level of service. the level of service for roads and intersections has improved, as most levels are within( A,B,C) . Traffic congestion is one of the causes of envionrmental pollution, as vehicles emit exhaust gases, and the domestic fuel is less than 9% of the amount of energy supplied, the flash point is about 6,5 higher and the octane ratio is about 7% less than the international standards. The research recommended the necessity of applying intelligent transport system in Iraq because of its effects to raise the operational efficiency of the public transport system, and to develop a structural map for its implementation according to an approved strategy that can be implemented in time stages.