The Effect of the Comparatively advanced Organizer Strategy on Learning the Skill of the Front Jump Handspring on the Artistic Gymnastics Table for Students


  • Haider Mahmoud Abdullah


The teaching process is an organized and sequential process that contains several elements linked to each other. The teaching process cannot take place without success without these elements or the absence of one of them. These elements are (the teacher, the student, the curriculum), so the rapid developments in the modern era imposed We have a vital requirement in the process of learning and teaching, which is the teaching strategy, its importance, the need for it, and its positive role in the learning outcomes, through the selection of the teacher and the use of appropriate educational means to reach the goal. The researcher noticed that there are many students who face difficulty in learning the skill of jumping the front handspring on the jump table in artistic gymnastics for students, and he also noticed that these lessons are presented to all students in the same way and at the same time in a style that is often limited and repetitive and in all learning situations, without taking into account Individual differences between students and their inclinations, attitudes, and desires, and then create an atmosphere of boredom and weak desire that drives them to learn, and therefore there is a greater effort that is matched by wasting more time in learning and wasting effort together. On the jumping table with artistic gymnastics for students, the researcher used the experimental method, and the research sample reached (40) students from the third stage students at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the University of Babylon for the academic year (2021-2022), and the sample was divided into two groups, with (20) students for each group The first group is taught with the strategy of the advanced comparative organizer and the second group with the strategy followed by the teacher. After applying the curriculum, the post-test was conducted and the appropriate statistical methods were used in order to reach the results, analyze and discuss them to find out which of these two strategies had the best impact on learning artistic performance, analyzing and discussing them according to the objectives of the research. The researcher reached a set of conclusions, including that the use of the comparative advanced organizer strategy had a direct and significant impact on the performance of the students, which led to learning the skill well. It has a positive effect on learning basic skills.