The Impact of Organizational Values on Strategic Success/Field Research


  • Haneen Najem Abd Al_amirey
  • Sanaa Abdulraheem Said Alubadi


The research aims to analyze the relationship and effectuation between organizational value and the strategic success to governmental insurance company, the problem of study emerged through this research that consisted a number of questions, the most important of which were, ( How the ability of insurance companies to achieve the impact of organizational values on strategic success?). To clarify the relationship between the research variables, a major impact hypothesis was formulated. To complete this research, a questionnaire had designed as a main tool to collect and analysis data, the questionnaire was subjected to tests of validity and reliability. This questionnaire was distributed to a sample of (128) managers from (212) government insurance companies, the researcher used Five Likert Scale to determine the answer to the questionnaire paragraphs. The collected data were processed and interpreted by using many statistical methods and tools, including (Pearson Correlation Coefficient, Percentages, Arithmetic Mean, Standard Deviation, Simple Linear Regression, Path Analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Linearity Test, Skewness and kurtosis). The researcher also used the statistical program (SPSS V. 28), (Excel 2010) and (SMART PLS V.3.3.2) to extract the results. The statistical analysis showed a number of results, the most prominent of which was most notably the impact of organizational values on strategic success. Finally, the availability of strategic success in the insurance companies investigated cannot be reached unless organizational values are available, as they are the logical and actual basis for availability, attention and practice, as this result provides the ability of the independent research variable to influence the dependent variable.