Eternal value of female thinking in Jaindra's literature


  • Raj Rani
  • Dr. Chitra


To give personality to a woman, Jainendra changed her nature from politics, society, Family etc. have been seen in different forms in different perspectives. They do not have the consciousness of Indian culture and dignity, but the truth is that Jainendra's characters live in the present even while touching the past. They never ignore their culture. In the era of materialism, woman is ready to move ahead of man. Women compete with men, but according to Jainendra, women compete with men. Competition is not fair. The ideal of life expressed in 'Resignation', 'Parakh' etc.The nutrients of social dignity are the values. The place of Jainendra Kumar, the originator of the psychoanalytical tradition in Hindi novels, is very important among novelists after Premchand. Jainendraji's fiction has been the conductor of Indian cultural values. He has identified the Indian mind from the perspective of its culture and tradition. He has raised many important questions in his novels and stories such as- God, theism-atheism, intelligence-feeling, intuition-logic, violence-non-violence, love and lust, husband and wife, chastity, purity of the body, sin-virtue, dedication Etcetera.