Impacting The Core Competencies Of Human Resources On Strategic Alignment


  • Haider Hassan Reda
  • Atheer Abdullah Mohammed


Purpose: The purpose of this research paper is to better understand HR practices with their core competencies (teamwork, communication, understanding the customer, self-development, problem-solving, leadership) through their Influence on the strategic alignment by Dimensions (governance, partnership infrastructure), In Iraqi private higher education sector.

Methodology/Design: The analytical descriptive approach was added using a questionnaire as the main tool and was conducted in 10 private colleges. The research population consisted of 162 officials in the selected private colleges, and 145 questionnaires consisting of 53 items were distributed to the research sample. The valid forms were 128, which represented 79% of the total population. Statistical methods (Spearman's correlation, simple regression analysis, multiple regression analysis, F-test, T-test, coefficient of determination (R2) were used through the statistical programs (SPSS, 26) and (AMOS, 23).

Results: The main results of the research show the positive influence of the core competencies of human resources on strategic alignment.

Research limitations: the main research limitation a scope which it was only one sector (the private higher education) and selected 15% of the Iraqi private colleges.

Practical implications: This research sheds light on the importance of core competencies in the Iraqi private higher education sector, in addition, it is one of the few studies that focused on multiple geographical areas, and provides further discussion of the direction of core competencies for human resources and strategic alignment.

Originality/value: The research adds value to the literature on human resource management and strategic management by developing a model that links the two variables in the private higher education sector.

Keywords: Core competencies for human resources, strategic alignment, Iraqi private higher education.