Strengthening Organizational Performance Through Information Technology Best Practices A Reflection on Governmental Organizations in Iraq


  • Joumana Younis
  • Mawlood T. Abdullah
  • Mazen Massoud
  • Sana Hajj


The study examines the effect of implementing information technology practices in governmental organizations and its impact on enhancing organizational performance. Governmental organizations relying on cutting-edge, contemporary technology have perceived higher efficiency in productivity and performance. Collected data were processed with SPSS and the Amos program to validate the model’s goodness of fit. The study confirmed that information technology dimensions cause high variations in organizational performance. Information technology dimensions were classified in order of importance. Communication networks were ranked first, followed by human resource management practices. Innovative software was rated in the third rank, training in information technology and modern hardware took fourth place, while modern hardware was ranked last. A unit variation in information technology enhances organizational performance. It is recommended to structure a long-term quality approach associating information technology and organizational performance. A committee composed of senior managers should monitor the application of information technology strategies.