The Critical Analysis on The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Strategic Financial Management Using Regression Analysis


  • Dr K Devi
  • Dr Devadutta Indoria


It is essential to have a solid understanding of the part that artificial intelligence (AI) plays in strategic management due to the fact that AI makes it possible to automate a large number of tasks associated with management and is increasingly used in a diverse array of strategic responsibilities. Nevertheless, due to the fact that it draws from a wide variety of disciplines, the research on the connection between AI and strategic management is disorganized and inconsistent. This page contributes to the expanding body of scholarly literature by providing a summary and classification of the extensive body of research that has been done on the subject since the first article was published in 1979. In addition to this, it provides a comprehensive framework that unifies and integrates the ideas presented in the previous sections. The framework illustrates the structure of the research field by classifying 58 relevant articles into two research scopes: condition-oriented research, which investigates the antecedents for leveraging AI in strategic management, and outcome-oriented research, which investigates the individual and organizational effects of AI in strategic management. This review proposes promising research directions for examining the quantifiable effects of the interaction between artificial intelligence (AI) and strategic management on the basis of the developed framework. Taking into consideration the exponential potential of AI to reshape the field as it stands and the need for a realistic evaluation of its impact, this review makes these recommendations.