Role of Emotional Intelligence in Way of Thinking and Teaching Styles for Remodeling Teaching Behavior of Prospective Teachers: An Exploration


  • Amarjoyti Bharali
  • Prof. Thensei Lhungdim,


Rising education quality is dependent on changing ways of thought and teaching. It is really important to recognize thought patterns and the emotional intelligence play an important role for remodeling teaching behavior of the prospective teachers in light of variations in people's thinking and teaching styles. This is a study on future mathematics teachers. This research seeks to establish the correlation between teachers' thought and teaching styles and to study the way they learn and teach by taking those demographic characteristics into account. The article involved 80 prospective Mathematics teachers teaching at government higher secondary schools of Assam with special reference to Jorhat district. In the analyses of the results, a model of relative screening was used. In the course of the study the following methods were used. Thinking Styles Scale' developed by Sternberg & Wagner (1992) and adopted by Buluş in Turkish (2013) and 'Teaching Styles Inventory' invented by Grasha (1994) and adapted to the Turkish language by Uredi (2006). The thesis concluded that there was a strong link between way of thinking and teaching styles of potential mathematical teachers.