An applied study of textual coherence in the novels of the novelist Ali Badr


  • Ahmed Zahir Kassar
  • Dr. Souad Badi' Mutair


When the researcher reviews the novels of the novelist Ali Badr, he will find several images of the eloquence of the text represented by the two types of textual cohesion: the image of casting and the image of weaving, in addition to the analysis he needs from the dialogue texts.It will start with the novel "Kings of the Sands" by Ali Badr; At the beginning of the novel, the writer works to create textual cohesion, by weaving the dialogue between two of the novel's characters, represented by the co-narrator and Majid, who has a professional character in her work. We find the reference to the textual cohesion by means of a semantic relationship from its relations, which is the dialogue interweaving, as this interweaving was achieved based on the interrogation between the two sides of the dialogue Majeed and the co-narrator. After we eliminate the enemy and return to base tomorrow, do you think we will stay long, or will we go straight to our camp on the front lines?”

  • We will destroy the Bedouins tomorrow, you are crazy, these are masters of maneuvering and sabotage.
  • -how .
  • I told you these people are now happy because we are watching them... and Captain Raad is brave, but he is unable to maneuver the Bedouins.