Res Militaris

ISSN : 2265-6294

Vol.6, n°2 Summer-Autumn / Été-Automne 2016

Présentation du numéro/Contents of this issue
François Dieu
La doctrine de la guerre révolutionnaire
Eric M. De Campos
Order in Cyberspace : The Application of International Law to Cyberwarfare
Christopher Dandeker
Military Incompetence Revisited
Elisheva Rosman
Identities We Think We Have
Uroš Svete & Jelena Juvan
Soldiers’ Private Digital Communication as a Disturbing Factor
Aida Alvinius, Eva Johansson & Ewa Olstedt
Organizational Challenges in Hybrid Learning Environments
Classics of the Military Field in the Social Sciences
Classiques du champ militaire dans les sciences sociales
Presented by Christopher Dandeker

Sir Michael Howard
War and the Liberal Conscience
London, Temple Smith, 1978 / Oxford, Oxford University Press & New Brunswick, NJ, Rutgers University Press, 1981.


Book Reviews – Critiques d’ouvrages
Par Delphine Deschaux-Dutard

Olivier Kempf,
Introduction à la cyberstratégie,
2ème édition, Paris, Economica, 2015.


Reviewed by Eyal Ben-Ari

Michael D. Matthews,
Head Strong : How Psychology is Revolutionizing War,
Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2014.


Reviewed by Daniel Karell

Sara McLaughlin Mitchell & John A. Vasquez (eds.),
Conflict, War, and Peace, Thousand Oaks, CA, CQ Press/ Sage Publishing, 2014.


Robert H. Gregory, Jr.,

Clean Bombs and Dirty Wars : Air Power in Kosovo and Libya,
Lincoln, NE, University of Nebraska Press/ Washington, DC, Potomac Books, 2015.


Reviewed by Joe Doty

George E. Reed,
Tarnished : Toxic Leadership in the US Military,
Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press/ Washington, DC, Potomac Books, 2015.